Memory Foam & Latex Mattresses

Many people like the way a foam, memory foam or latex mattress conforms to the body.
In our store you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

A mattress for everyoneSleeping well shouldn't be complicated. That's why the Emma One mattress was created. To offer you everything you need to dream, without complications or distractions. Enjoy Emma's classic comfort, now at the best price! Emma One combines the 3 layers of foam a..
Ex Tax:202.44€
The ideal support for any sleeping position.It doesn't matter how much you weigh, your height or position where you like to sleep. For one or two people or a mattress with a perfect firmness, neither soft nor very firm, it is perfect!Why is the Emma Original mattress perfect for you?..
Ex Tax:315.45€
Latex is a natural product with a soft texture that perfectly adapts to the body reducing pressure points, consisting of numerous micro perforations that allow a healthy ventilation.Provides a natural rest with maximum comfort.It is a mattress suitable for articulated beds. Othe..
Ex Tax:346.34€
A luxurious mattress full of comfort.The micro-massage with the memory foam provides a moment of total rest. Other sizes available. Contact us to request a quote. This mattress is available for Express Delivery (1 to 2 weeks) in the following sizes:140 x 190 cm ..
Ex Tax:300.00€
The memory foam adaptability and coolness of the Gel eliminates the pressure of the resting surface on the body, allowing a more serene sleep and a perfect rest.One side memory foam and one side memory foam combined with gel offers maximum comfort and fresh feeling.A mattress for all seasons..
Ex Tax:296.75€
Easy-to-transport core mattress, with memory foam and pillow top.Quality on a rolled up mattress.It adapts to the contour of the body thanks to its malleable properties.Uniform and stable pressure on the whole body. Other sizes available. Contact us to request a quote...
Ex Tax:215.45€
High Density Profiled Core Mattress. Suitable for articulated beds.Five independent rest zones. High adaptability. Great flexibility and elasticity, great ability to adapt to the movement of articulated beds. Also available in others sizes. Please contact us to request a quotat..
Ex Tax:207.32€
Core mattress with memory foam. It offers a high degree of ergonomics, adapts and molds to the exact contours of the body, allowing pressure relief, providing a peaceful rest, improving blood circulation and preventing cervical and lumbar problems. Other sizes available. Contact us to r..
Ex Tax:178.05€
Spring mattress with memory foam and stretch health guard fabric.Protects fabrics against insects and microorganisms responsible for infectious diseases and allergies. Not allowing odors, the fabric is hypoallergenic and long lasting.Protects tissues from fungi, bacteria and mites. Repels mo..
Ex Tax:243.09€
Easy transport mattress, with independent rest areas, silent and non-deformable. Other sizes available. Contact us to request a quote...
Ex Tax:93.50€
The "Rollortopédico" (Rollorthopedic) Mattress belongs to a new generation of very comfortable foam roll mattress, made from open cells that ensure an excellent microclimate and easy transport. Other sizes available. Contact us to request a quote...
Ex Tax:161.79€
The Eden mattress has a system of pocket springs combined with memory foam, that is, it has independent rest areas combined with material of great recovery capacity after compression and high adaptability to the body, reducing pressure points and thus improving blood circulation providing maximum co..
Ex Tax:438.21€
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